What are his intentions?

I started talking to this guy on Bumble. We met up last week for a date, he was very nice and a gentleman. We ended up hanging out for 6 hours. We text throughout the day - everyday - and overall he seems very nice. We're planning a second date for Thursday and he is driving to meet me (we live an hour and a half away from one another).

While discussing things we could do (I live in a small city), he suggested just hanging out in his car. I said that was cool; he's in a band so I assumed he'd want to show me their cd, or just talk somewhere quiet. He texts me "Why do you think that is a good idea?" I explained why but couldn't help but to feel that I was being tested? While talking a few days ago he did mention that he is a very affectionate guy and sexual. It was mentioned in appropriate context, we were talking about things that we should know about one another. Could he be just looking for sex? So far he's been very open about his life, his family, and has mentioned going to see a movie at the theater he works at.

Maybe I'm over-analyzing, but I'm not looking for a friends with benefits situation. I didn't think he was either? On our first date he asked me what I looked for in a guy, what my favorite qualities were, etc.


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  • The first time I went to the guy I'm seeing' house, I told him it was going to be a PG night. He understood that I wasn't up for sex, but could still laugh at my phrasing. Maybe something like that could help you make sure he knows your boundaries. Sticking to more public places might help too (no empty parks or dark allies). Most phones have a function where another number can text a code and it will respond with its Gps location. Make sure a friend know where you are. Better overly safe than sorry right?

  • Usually if a guy mentioning that he is very affectionate and sexual, it means he will take things fast.
    He's clearly stating that he will be touching you kissing you all over very soon because he's a sexual person.
    Hanging out in his car is no biggie, but if he makes you uncomfortable, tries to touch you, just tel him.
    If he can wait and take things slow even though he's a sexual guy, then he's a keeper.
    If he doesn't like that, he will leave you even before you know. And you be better off that way.
    Him sharing about his life his story has nothing to do with this.