What is the protocol for long distance dating? I met a guy online through a dating site?

We chatted initially on the site for a couple of days then he gave me his mobile and continued texting on that for about a week. After the week he started calling me and we have had phone conversations now for the last 8 days.

We get along really well, laugh together, talk. We have just started swapping racier pictures and had phone sex for the first time last night. We live about 2 hrs away by plane and at the beginning of our chatting he had mentioned that he was thinking of moving from his current hometown.

So what are generally the timelines with dating long distance, I repeat we are not in a "relationship". He mentioned he wanted to face time me last night, I have suggested he fly down and spend a weekend with me. Are we moving at the right speed given its long distance.

What should we be doing at the 2 week stage? Are the rules different to regular dating? Do I have the right this early on to ask him if he is seeing other women back in his hometown or where he sees things going by the end of the year or should I wait and just be cruisy for the time being, I'm really not sure, never pursued or been pursued long distance?

Also I texted him the other day this: So I imagine by now you must have the entire female population of Cairns throwing themselves at you lol😊 and I'm so far away from you so I guess that puts me at a disadvantage. So tell me now big boy, just how hard am I going to need to work to keep your attention ha ha?

He replied with: Haha don't worry.. U don't need to do that much at all sexy

I guess I was trying to find out in a round about way if there were other women on the scene ha ha


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  • Q: " What is the protocol for long distance dating? "
    A: I think ARINC-429, unless the other person is in the military, then it's MIL-1553.


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  • I don't think there are any real rules, only what you feel comfortable with.

    I would suggest making sure the two of you are both looking for the same things. Are you looking for something casual or serious? Are either of you willing to one day move to the others city? Can you both handle a commited long distance relationship? Do you have the money and time to actually visit each other? Who would pay for those trips?

    Long distance can work long term as long as you have realistic plans to one day be together.

    • Do you think I should be asking these questions so soon though?

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    • Well we both are looking for the end result of a relationship and already in a space of 2 weeks I am really liking him however it is still early days, I seriously don't want to come across as needy and scare him away by bringing any of this up to soon. I don't think the travel would be an issue, here's a Doctor, I'm sure he can afford the air fare. Why would he be investing his time in texting and calling me on the phone considering the distance, I mean if he wasn't interested why would generate time with me when he could get to know another woman closer to home?

    • My personal experience had lead me to always discuss things rather than make assumptions, even if the assumptions seem to be obvious. Each person has their own experences and preference though. I'm a therapist so I guess I might be a little bias toward communication.

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  • A relationship without physical contact doesn't work. Need to be with that person.


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  • Wow you guys already had phone sex that's so not normal and too fast I think...
    You probably going to have sex on your first date I guess.
    I mean I'm being super cautious when it comes to online dating, you never know who you talking to, his back ground and stuff and what he's like in person. I mean he could be like that to multiple girls at the same time. You never know.
    Whatever works for you I guess but don't invest too much before you actually meet that person. If you live 2hrs by plane I'm sure the flight isn't even that expensive. Meet this guy already.

    • I don't really have a right to ask him if he is talking or going out on dates with other women though at this point, do I?