Girls, Do women have kids just to keep them away from their dad's?

Not to tramp on any toes. But in a lot of cases the woman sleeps with the man and when she breaks up with them. she keeps his child away from them. I know it's illegal in a lot of states these days but hey... why make children by men and terminate their rights.


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  • The woman is usually doing it to protect her child and often - herself.

    Lots of men insist on an abortion and aren't committed to a pregnant female but once the baby is born (and a little older) they suddenly want to be involved.

    You need to understand the mother's suffering and why she might have held resentment towards the father.
    If she never had a proper father herself she might be even more protective and not want a fickle man around that might let her child down.

    • You women create dead beats youves

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    • Women deny men the following rights
      The right to love his child
      The right to care for him
      The right raise him
      The right enjoy him
      The right be apart of his life
      The right to watch him grow
      It's like it's your child alone... didn't you get pregnant through a man's sperm?

    • I answered your question you weirdo.
      I hope no one does choose to reproduce with you until you get yourself together

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  • No. No one has a child purely to keep them away from their father.

    Some women are bitches and get off on keeping their child from their ex, other women may feel like they have to keep their child's father away because they fear for that child's safety

    My daughter's father and I aren't together but he's very much part of her life. I would never stop him unless he gave me a reason to.

    • Women just want to hurt as they see men as their enemies. they only nice because they want something from us. I feel like all women are my enemy. every man feels that wayou. Women are just faking it to be nice with us. its called political correctness

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    • Did you read anything I wrote?

    • What's the use of even making a child if society renders you powerless. where's the joys of parenting?

  • Yes. We are sperm thieves of course.

  • No, my daughter's dad chose to walk away. He's back now, but he missed out of two years of her life because of his own doing.
    No one kept him away, it happens. Things like this are not as cut and dried as people think

    • I guess it's not the man's child. if it was were then he would have equal rights but unfortunately. It's only the woman's child alone

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    • Stop sleeping with us and stealing our children. stop having sex with men. you deny us our kids then stop using us