Why would he chase me for months, kiss me and then avoid me?

This guy has been sending out signals that he has feelings for me almost three months. Finally, he made a move and kissed me. We both admitted that we liked each other and spent a few more hours just holding each other, kissing, and talking. Before he left, he told me to talk to him that week. I reached out and he ignored my message. We've seen each other since that night, and while I noticed him looking at me, he made no move to speak to me (which, normally he'd have sought me out). I feel like he woke up the next day and changed his mind. I don't understand how you can say you like someone and that you've wanted to kiss them for awhile... and you actually do it and then just leave them hanging like they were never anything to you.

I guess I got my answer. He just updated his relationship status to in a relationship. I still don't really understand all of this. Ouch.


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  • Seems he was interested but someone else moved much faster.

    It's normal for guys to try their options like that, so don't feel bad. It seems he found someone he considered a better fit or simply developed interest and feelings faster with her.

    I guess you experience the girl version of rejection, like guys often get when they ask out or show interest in multiple girls, until someone green-lits. That's pretty much how it goes.


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  • Could be one of many factors.

    Scared of commitment

    Not ready for a serious relationship

    He could be already spoken for and put a stop to seeing you because he felt guilty about cheating on his partner.

    Maybe he's just discovered that your not the one for him.

    I would whittle it down to the fact that he might still want to sleep around and isn't ready for a serious relationship yet.
    Or he's already spoken for, has had second thoughts about being with you because he's been bitten by remorse and has no intentions of leaving his current partner for you.
    Some guys will try to sweet talk you into thinking that they're in love with you just to get into your knickers. Especially when the chips are down and they fall out with their partners or if they aren't getting any at home. They'll go elsewhere and look for it. You just don't know who to trust these days.
    Don't quote me by the way, I'm just guessing.


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  • Married

  • Obviously you didn't meet his expectations


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  • I am hurting for you right now. I'm so sorry.
    At least you got an answer. Most folks in your exact situation don't.

  • Maybe he's with someone else?