Would you ever date a guy who use to get a lot of attention from girls in the past?

And he was pretty "popular". Would it make you feel insecure or dating a guy like that?


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  • is this a trick question? girls always go for guys like that, im not that type and i was always ignored and rejected.

    • This is not a trick question! Lol I'm being serious!
      I always told my self to never go for a guy like that it was never appealing to me. But things happen and I fell for a guy like that and he really seems to like me. But it really bothers me that in his past a lot of girls liked and he was pretty well known. He tells me not to worry about because it was his past and he's ready to leave that behind but I'm not Kidding every time we go out to town he always has to bump into someone he knows it's weird and I'm not use to it

    • dont get me wrong tho, many guys have bad luck with girls, because girls commonly treat guys like crap. popular guys know a lot of people, guys and girls. so, you should get used to it.
      if you dont like it, go for shy guys instead.

    • You're right

  • But he is choosing you right? So go for it!

    • Aww you're comment made me smile because it's true he is choosing me!:) but it's just something im not use to at all because I'm the complete opposite of that

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    • Thank you:)
      Well I hope she does realize! You seem like I good guy and I hope I'm right.

    • Oh thanks! Well you're a great girl, hope you succeed too!

      I hope she realises, but honestly don't know how to signal to her haha. Don't women usually have a sense of this type of thing?

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  • If he rejected them, I would be pleasantly surprised and yes, I would. If he was constantly hunting for pussy, then no, under no circumstances. Yes, I have weird criteria.

    • Not weird at all! I agree with you