He ignores some of my texts?

I like a guy and we have been planning to meet up. The thing is sometimes he doesn't answer texts of mine. I don't bombard his phone and the most texts I've sent (hours apart) w/out an answer is 3. usually by the 3rd one he replies like nothing happened. What is going on?


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  • I have this with most girls I text. It is the fact your texts are not sending material that interests your partner or it's not a phrase that could only occur a positive outcome. A question like "am I boring you?" Is likely to be ignored since it already has a negative feel to it. If you are not that far in perhaps he plays a lot of computer games (I usually never attend my phone when on my pc) or is busy at work.
    What I hate most about texting is that you won't know the reason until X clearly tells you so I get a lot of the text grinding till there is someone who also thinks a convo has to be settled in a real conversation.

    • I would never ask "am I boring you" because then the guy will feel pressured. I know at those times he is not busy at work.

    • Well seems desinterested to me

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  • He's bored or he hates texting or he changed his mind about meeting you.