Is this guy moody, busy or just not that into me anymore?

i was chatting with this guy i matched with on Tinder, we were getting along really well and he seemed into me, he asked if i wanted to get a drink sometime and i said yes but i already had plans for Friday and Saturday night (this was friday). The next few days we texted back and forth pretty constantly, then he seemed too busy to reply or only replied a few words. I asked if he still wanted to get a drink sometime and he said yes but hasn't tried to set a time. should i be giving up on this one?


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  • The "I already have plans" without a suggestion of when to get a drink instead is normally a sign the women isn't interested. He probably thinks you rejected him.


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  • Wait so he asked you if you wanted to get a drink, and you said yes (but you couldn't see him bc you already had plans) basically you turned him down, and when you turned him down you didn't tell him what day you would be available, and now he's texting you less, and you asked him if he still is interested and he said yes, but he hasn't set up a date. Am I understanding this correctly?

    • Last week my guy asked me out, I already had a plan, I turned him down saying I could meet him next week (no specific time date mentioned). Then like the next few days he didn't text me.. Lol if I texted him first he would reply right away but he didn't initiate text. And I figured I made a huge mistake not giving him suggestion for the next meet up. I texted him again yesterday after 4 days of no contacting each other😱 I asked can I see you this week, and he said cool. And he asked me if I'm free on Thursday, then again I couldn't meet for thurs so I asked him how about the weekend and he said weekend is fine. Conversation ended. And again we both didn't ask if it's going to be sat or sun ugh. I don't know he probably thought I would suggest him the day since I turned him down twice when he offered the date. And I should have. But I just wasn't being thoughtful enough. I guess I'm texting him tomorrow again 😂 set up the date and time lol

    • What I'm trying to say is, your guy said he's still down for the date. Means he's interested.
      You the one turned him down first place so you should be the one asking him out this time. You can't really expect the guy to be bold and asking you out again.. I mean some guys have no problem asking you twice I guess but imagine. He turned you down once saying he's busy. Would you be able to ask him again after that? I can't lol he must be afraid of rejection. Just text him and ask him out. And do not make the same mistake I just made lol ask him out with specific date and time lol if he's not available that time he will give you another suggestion.

    • haha yeah mainly i was bummed because he became a terrible texter and i hate carrying the conversation by myself.
      you should still set up the date with your guy though, nothing to lose!