I like him a lot and I know he likes me!!

OK so me and this guy have been hanging out lately. But the thing is he has a girlfriend and she is a really good friend of mine but he wants to hang out with me and not her. Yesterday me and him hung out at the park in town and stuff and we made a bet that I did not have abs so I let him pick me up and stuff. He accidentally touched my boob when he picked me up but he said he was sorry and stuff and it was not a big deal cause he did not mean too. My problem is that he told me he thinks he is falling for me more than his gf. I don't want to hurt him or my friend so I need help for what to do! I like him a lot and I know he likes me cause he told me and he gives me hugs and stuff but I don't know what to do anymore so please help!


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  • He has a girlfriend.

    There's no denying that logic.

    He shouldn't be hanging out with you and you shouldn't be hanging out with him since he's TAKEN. That's unfair to his girlfriend and awfully selfish of you and him to do that to her.

    If he's so into you, why hasn't he broken up with his current girlfriend? Here's why, because he's just interested in cheating on her with you. Not making you his girlfriend.

    I say you find a guy who actually wants to be with you who is unattached and not a player.

    Good luck.

    • The thing is he invites me and I know he won't cheat on her and I won't let him cause she is limke my Best friend

  • I think when you decided to hang out with this guy, you made your choice that it was him. If you are REALLY good friends with her, then you should stick up for her and support her. In your heart, you really know what you want to do...so, so what it tells you to do.