Girls, dating this girl been on 3 dates but haven't seen her for a month is okay to say I miss you, night x?

she's a student nurse so really busy been dating for 6 months.

  • Yes it's sweet
    57% (4)
  • No too soon and is needy
    43% (3)
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  • The day you finished a month with her, she became yours. So its normal and only fair to miss her. in fact when you dnt miss her and tell her all those sweet things she might suspect you of having other girls on the side. ladies like knowing they have the attention of their guys no matter how long they have been together.. It only becomes needy n boring/nagging when its all you ever talk about.. otherwise, its good to let her know she has some impact on you that you can't help but miss her when she is away

    • she's back on the dating site though, we have kissed have feelings for each other, but she wanted use to take a break as she can't commit due to uni. My mum says saying it will be needy. we only seen eachother in person 3 times though

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    • how do that than should i go back on the dating site to show her im no waiting?

    • You should go back to dating. You might already be a forgotten flame to her already so its time to move on.. Who knows, maybe wen uve moved on will make her see how important you were to her