Is he trying to get out of seeing me?

So me and a guy have been friends for years and went on our first date a week ago, I invited him but he ended up paying for everything! Then I asked if he wanted to do something again with me and he suggested mini golf. Then the next day he said he couldn't do it because he had a sports game he was playing in, so he couldn't make it. I asked if he would want to do anything in the future and he replied with, "yeah definitely." I then asked him to text me when he was free and felt like doing something, to which he replied, "okay will do." Does it sound like he isn't interested or genuinely can't see me?

  • No he likes you and is genuinely busy.
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  • He doesn't like you but can't say it.
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  • He doesn't like you but can't say it.


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  • I was kinda in the similar situation I was in your guy's shoes lol My guy asked me out and I turned him down bc I already had a plan. And I told him I would like to see him next week (but no specific date time mentioned) and I really meant it.. Obviously I wasn't being thoughtful enough to think he would take it otherwise. he said cool. But he stopped texting me since that lol he would reply me back but didn't initiate text. And I finally asked him out and we all good now. Just you know I texted him in between those times (before asking him out) so he knows I'm still interested. He probably still would had thought I wasn't since I hadn't asked him out, but still at least I texted few times. If your guy is still interested he will reach you with a date. give him some time. Stop texting him you did your part now the ball is in his court. He doesn't reach you, it's his loss.