To the guys: What is your opinion on this article?

I personally think its extremely immature and childish. And wouldn't believe that men would actually go about checking out women in this manner or mindset. Its not like you will die or be harmed if you don't check out the girl, and this is so disrespectful. I can't see how you can love your girl if you absolutely must find and extort affection just to glance at a girl you'll never talk to or be with just so that you don't hurt your girlfriend that you supposedly love.

So to men ( and woman) do you guys actually do this and what is your opinion on this article?



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  • The article is a bit odd, it seems though that the author is writing it based on his own perceptions really. that's the problem with articles like this, they do give off a biased perception to relationships so shouldn't really be a trusted source. but no doubt there are guys like that but a lot arn't, I think there is some truth to it but me personally, I don't see why I would be gazing at other women when I have the perfect one, I mean what's the point... but yeah I agree the article is a bit immature and disrespectful.


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  • umm its not odd for a guy to check out other girls... but to go to those extremes? no not at all that's just... I don't know the right word but its not right. but like say a girl crosses your path its not "bad" to gaze but stare or oogle is totally different. so no we don't do that (or at least I dont)

  • I can't imagine that many guys do that. Seems like to much effort just to glance at someone.


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