Should I date a her? I don't want to be hurt..

I like my best friend, and she likes me also. We flirt, and talk non-stop to each other throughout the day. I told her 3 days ago that I liked her.

I kissed her the other night, and later that night, she called me because she felt guilty. She told me that 2 weeks ago, she kissed some guy. She knew him, but didn't like him. I was heart-broken over this information, of course. She later told me that she let him finger him, too. It hurts. Still.

But she was honest with me because she cared for me, but I'm afraid she is a 'slut,' or whatever. She is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. We can get along.

Will I regret dating her? I don't even know that I could trust her.


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  • Dude, if you like her and she likes you, get over whatever weird misgivings you have about someone touching her and give it a shot. Don't mess up good situations because you're uptight. Whatever, she wasn't getting what she wanted from the guy she liked and she experimented a little. Who cares?


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  • Actually, I think that she may have done all of this stuff because she did not know that you liked her. She told you that she did not like the guy. Girls do that sometimes - they get with other guys if they are not sure that you like them. She may have thought that she did not have a chance with you or wasn't sure that you were interested if you only just told her 3 days ago. You have to realize that she may not have known that you liked her until then. My girlfriend did not know that I liked her for about a year until she finally decided to find out whether I liked her or not. Until then, she went out with several other guys because she did not have a clue that I did like her. I, also, did not have a clue that she liked me until she finally told me! So, I had to forgive her for all the other guys she was with before we both knew that we liked each other. She evidently did not know that you liked her!

    • But, I'm more worried about what kind of a person she is. She told me she didn't like the guy who she admitted doing things with.

      I talked to one of her friends, and she told me that it was because she finally crashed. She has liked me for 6 months.

      And I don't want to waste her time by saying "I like you, but don't want to date you."

      And she will eventually find another boy, and I'll still like her. Should I just abandon this situation?

    • Honestly, I think you have answered your own question in so many ways, but I will explain. First, you said that one of her friends told you that she has liked you for 6 months and finally crashed. That means that she liked you for so long that she finally gave up and gave in to allowing another guy to do to her what she really wished you were doing to her. She crashed - she couldn't handle the pressure of the desire she was feeling towards you anymore.

    • The next thought I had was, can you live with the torture of knowing that you still like her but you could not get over what she did with someone else? You may be missing out on a good relationship. However, the choice is totally yours.