Is this kid just having fun or is there a possibility for something more?

We met about 2 months ago and have talked everyday since. We both start conversations and hang out often. We started hooking about a week ago but he says he doesn't want a relationship yet (I get it a double major first semester).
However, he keeps saying first semester and when he talks about his ideal type I fit several spots. Also he has told our friends that we hooked up a few times

Is he just having fun or is he just not ready for a relationship yet?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why are you so stupid you're with any guy that says "I'm not ready?" You think if you fuck him enough he'll want you as a bona fide girlfriend. Well you're sadly mistaken. You're nothing but free pussy with no commitments and that's all you'll ever be. The things he says are just words to keep stringing you along so you'll keep fucking him

  • That means that he just wants to hook up or be freinds with benefits with you.

    • Yeah that was the vibe I got. I am not expecting a relationship or anything I was just confused on the signals he was sending.

    • So you don't mind him just having sex with you? Is that what your also using him for?

What Girls Said 1

  • He made it crystal clear.
    He doesn't see you two having bc/gf relationship.
    You are fun to hang/hook up with but no more for now.
    Just because you fit several spots of his type doesn't mean you are his type.. Listen to him he's already told you. He doesn't respect you you deserve better.

    • Lol it just seems odd because he does get jealous of my guy friends and stuff. I wasn't expecting anything, I just was curious because I am not looking for a relationship either I am working a lot on top of school.

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