How to initially talk to a guy you like?

Ok I have this HUGE crush on this guy but i haven't really had a conversation with him. This is mainly because he's year 11 and I am year 12 and we have no classes together. The other reason i can't talk to him is because I am always really scared to. I really don't want to sound needy or creepy and want to make the best first impression possible. Although, i'd say he knows me since he usually likes my stuff on social media. But I am really going crazy everytime he walks past me. It's like I have nothing to talk about. It's really upsetting because I can't stop thinking about him. Even if I dont really know him, my friends are friends with him and they say he's a good guy. So i really want to make a move.

So pleaseeeee suggest what i could talk about to him and how I could make a first good impression

Also do you think i should message him on facebook first before i talk to him irl?


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  • Is he in any sports team, or clubs, any school activities?
    Ask him about how that goes.
    Or talking about any school events or SAT.. Lol or teachers and stuffs there just so much to talk about!!!
    Just be like hey what's up and go from there..

    • Thanks! I dont think we have much in common but he's in the debating team and I want to be like "hey, you were so great in debating"
      But do you think i should message him on facebook first before i talk to him irl?
      by the way thanks for replying x

  • Let him say hi