He told me his Whatsapp is disabled?

A guy I've been chatting with online for several months now was meant to call me on Tues to talk about him travelling to my country to give us a chance at a relationship (so we are LD). We had met in person as friends a few years ago when I was in Latin America and recently reconnected. We normally chat each day and HE told me Mon night that he wanted to speak about it more seriously the next day, in terms of making a plan. Well I was left waiting for the call, and continued to see over the last 3 days he never got the 2nd tick on Whatsapp. However, when I went to check his FB Messenger status I could see he had been active several times during these days. Today he finally sent a message via Messenger saying "Vanesa, my whatsapp is disabled. So sorry I haven't been able to communicate with you :/"

I left it at seen and did not respond.

Now I just find it strange that he has been MIA since HE mentioned talking about us more seriously - has he changed his mind and If so, why not just say so? He has never been away from chat this long before and we've spoken on the phone before.

Also, why did it take 3 days to send a quick text on Messenger if he had been active few days earlier.

How can Whatsapp be disabled yet data works on Msngr?

Am I being made a fool? 😔


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  • You probably need to give him the benefit of the doubt, there were instances that my WhatsApp has been disabled for an overdue update but I never got to it because of poor reception.

    BUT with that being said, he probably should have reached out to you prior, if he knew that his WA wasn't working properly. Best to just ask him where you stand. It is a bit of a red flag but again, nothing worth overthinking until you speak to him about it and clear things out.

    • Hi Karen. Thanks for the opinion.
      It's true, my sister wouldn't receive messages via WA for some days due to an update issue. I would understand that except, as I mentioned, he didn't reach out earlier. I guess the final question in mind for me is why isn't he eager to fix the issue (if that is the problem) to get back in contact asap. The (low) level of interest has me questioning myself.

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    • I decided to reply and said that it seemed as though he had changed his mind about the situation. He told me that wasn't it. So I asked him what had happened to his WA & he said the screen on his phone was damaged and he has sent it to be repaired, that he was using a temporary phone. He insisted that that was the reason and that he had been dying to hear from me, that he should've let me know beforehand (though I did not mention I had seen his online Messenger status). I want to believe him, but I just find it strange that it happened when it did and that he didn't let me know exactly what happened to his phone. I mean, if he can use fb then why not WA on this "other" phone. 😔

    • Honestly if he could check his messenger, I don't see the reason why he couldn't check his WA either.

      If he was just waiting for you to approach him- why couldn't he have let you know and explained it then if it was "broken"

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  • Yep
    You should ask him to make things clear and tell him that you wanna know what he exactly wants


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