He doesn't want to hook up because I said I hated him?

So I dated this guy last year for like a month, things ended but we keep reconnecting on and off, nothing romantic. We hooked up at the begin of the year and well I messaged him last night. There's a bit of tension between us and I don't particularly like him. Anyways he joked last night so you'll just go back to hating me tomorrow & I said oh no I still hate you I just won't let that get in my way.

Anyways he messaged me this morning saying I don't think it's a good idea hooking up if you hate me.

Which I don't understand surely if your hooking up with someone it's better not to have any feelings then to like him?

Anyways since then he's been acting too nice, and actually trying to have a conversation with me and flirting. Like what's he playing at? Help?


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  • Only bona fide sluts fuck someone they don't like

    • Seriously goes to show how judgmental people are. The only person I have slept with this year is him, once, in February. I haven't had sex in 7 months, not even made out. Or dated. Yet I'm a slut? 🤔 I'm not looking for a relationship as I'm too busy working & studying for my degree, yet certain desires need to be met and I don't see nothing wrong with sleeping with a guy I dated & have been with before instead of randomly hooking up with some stranger I met in a club.

    • Have fun with that. You're wasting your time

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  • If you hate him, you actually have feelings for him. Also, I don't understand why you want to hook up with someone you hate? However, yes I think he's playing you.