What's her deal? Should I just forget it?

Went out with a girl 2 months ago. Had the best first date in a long time and she told me that night she hadn't had that much fun in a long time. She quickly asked me out again that night for 3 days later. Texted her that day to see what time I should stop by and nothing... I did not follow up.

Next day I was removed from Snapchat and Facebook. As curious as I was as to what happened I didn't care as it was only 1 date.

Flash foward to Thursday. She adds me on FB and SC again. I accept. She messages me. Wants to hang out. (Made no mention of what happened 2 months ago and I didn't ask) Made plans for Sunday. I got sick, politely cancelled and she did not reply back. Messaged her this morning, nothing.

WTF is this girls deal? She messages me after 2 months, wants to hang out again and now she's pulling the same shit she did before. I have no attachment here, I'm just so lost. Should I just move on again and say fuck her or should I call her out and ask her wtf her deal is?

Won't lie, Id love to go out with her again but I'm not going to play these stupid fucking games to get there.


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  • She sounds like a huge messer. Why would she remove all traces of you from social media after a clearly successful date, then add you back again after a while? It makes me think she's probably hiding something, like another person, or was at the time. But hey ho, I shouldn't always jump to conclusions.

    I would normally tell you to jump ship and steer clear, but you don't know what her deal is or why she's acted the way she has. Give her a few days to see if she responds? And if not, message her and ask for her deal. The only way you're gonna get to the bottom of this is by communicating and having it out with her. Otherwise, in a few months, the exact same thing will happen again.

    Best of luck, pal.

    • Thought of this being the case. Its not though, unless she got rid of all traces of it on FB. I'm way above playing these games but the truth of it is I haven't had as much fun on a date since then. I want to just call her out and ask her what gives. Something along the lines of :

      "Hey, what gives here? You get in touch with me 2 months after just disappearing and want to hang out again, now you are pulling the same shit as before. You got in touch with me for some reason. I had a lot of fun with you that first date and would love to do it again but I'm not looking to play games here"

    • Yeah I think that's probably the best thing to do. I mean, you're not kids, you're probably looking to start settling down soon.

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  • I've had this happen. It's confusing and annoying. Don't play her games, just move on and forget her.


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  • she's basic man honestly.. I don't know what your intentions are so ill give you both scenarios
    1. you go out with her again and you can probably get into her pants and then you will never hear from her again
    2. if you want to try and be serious with someone don't message her back and find a girl that's worth your while
    i kinda have a feeling that i'm in a relationship that won't last very long right now so i know where you're coming from.

  • I agree I don't get these mind games. Give it one more shot. Any more mind games, and know that it's nothing to do with you.