Girlfriend being very secretive?

I've been dating her for about 2 and a half months and just recently ice noticed every time we hangout she gets texts from the random guy, but she will never open it infront of me. I haven't said anything because i dont want her to think i dont want her to have friends because i do and its also early in the relationship so i dont want to come off as possesive. she's also, been very distant the past week or so and whenever i ask her questions about what she's doing or who she's hanging out with she gets very annoyed and short with me and sometimes stops answering in general. I trust her very much but i feel like she's really giving me a strong reason not to. What should i even think about this behavior?


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  • Maybe she is hiding something

    • That would be great advice, but one thing i forgot to mention is we didn't meet between mutual friends so i know absolutely nothing about that whole half of her life so i wouldn't even know where to start with that one.

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  • She is cheating

    • what makes you so sure

  • She fucking another nigga Hannnnnnnnnn 😂😭🍆
    Bro tell that bitch she can't be fucking her side dude

    Seriously confront her about it
    Ask why she has been acting funny lately and if she gets really bitchy and defensive leave her ass
    Don't waste any more time

    • the girl already thinks i don't trust her cause i confront her about why she's acting different. i really like her though so how do i say it in a way that it doesn't sound like i'm attacking or accusing her of cheating.

    • Ask if you did something wrong
      Say something like "Hey babe, I just wanted ask if I did something to upset you? You have been acting differently lately and I just wanted to know if I made a mistake"