He said "I love you" really soon?

I'm dating a guy who is in his late 20's and is in the military. We talked via text/phone every day for a month before we started hanging out. We went on 4 dates and spent like 7 hours around each other each time. Then suddenly he asked to spend all day with me.. like literally he planned a day from 8 am to 8 pm. I agreed and at the end of that day he told me he is in love with me and "isn't saying it for sex he is happy just kissing me and will wait as long as I want for sex." The most we have done is make out. And he admitted he had sex with a lot of women in the past when I asked him.

I know this like every girl's dream and we are like peanut butter and jelly together but it made me instantly concerned. My ex had emotional issues and used I love you to manipulate and hurt me. This guy had a rough younger life but is really open to me about it and acts emotionally stable. He seems really wise from his childhood. Should this be a red flag or a coincidence of really compatible people meeting? A friend told me that since he's older he might be trying to quickly find someone to settle down with, with minimum requirements?


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  • Well? What do YOU think? Do you like him or not?


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  • Honestly it could be both.

    But some people do fall easily, my partner told me in less amount of time he could see himself falling for me easily. And another few weeks after that told me he has started falling and around the 3 month mark told me he loved me.

    And I believed him from the start just because of everything else made sense.

    I too had an ex that used "love" abusively and to control. And you just have to look at ALL the other actions. And this guy planning so much, being nice, not pushing for sex, makes me think he means it (or at least he's starting to feel it).

    But Lyndsie is right, there's no time limit. Some people can just know after a few meetings and be together for 20 years, others who wait 2 years end up broken up a month later.

    If you like him, just go with it :)


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  • I dunno I would be concerned; he doesn't really know you well enough to say that he's in love with you. It sounds like to me he's in love with the idea of you, but that's just me. How did you feel when he said it?

  • My boyfriend told me he love me the first time we hung out. There isn't a minimum requirement. When the times right the times right

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