Should I hang out with him?

So this guy was like my best friend back in highschool and we were inseperable. Everyone thought we were dating and it kind of seemed like it. I started having feelings towards him my senior year because like I said we were insepareble. We talked everyday until one of us fell asleep or we just said our goodnights. I am also a year older than him, so of course I graduated earlier than him. On the last few days of school he started acting weird like he was depressed and he would barely speak to me. So on the day of graduation he showed up because his sister was also graduating on that day, but when I said hi to him he was acting weird again. After that he stopped talking to me for about a month and contacted me once again because he wanted to hang out. After that two months went by no contact once again. Then he wanted to hang out again. And i think you get the picture of how our relationship was. He's been in and out of my life for the past two years. He recently told me that he wanted to hang out again. Should I? Should I get closure on why he's been acting this way>?


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  • Well, I am not sure what happened exactly but it's possible that something has happened that has changed him as a person, I mean something in his life, some incident, some family member passing away or something like that and yes I have read about such instances changing a person completely.

    In his case something like that has happened. What I don't understand is if you both were inseperable why would he treat you like this? why would he not tell you anything? why would he not give you any explanations?

    Maybe you'll say he doesn't have to but logically speaking it wouldn't be wrong if he would have given you some explanation because you said you both were inseperable so you meant something to him.

    The way he has been acting for the past two years it looks like he is now just using you to hang out with you that's all and the friendship between you both has become very shallow.

    Should you hang out with him?

    Logically speaking the answer is NO, because the way he has been behaving just wasn't right. No matter what may have happened in his life but his behavior is not justified at all. Don't let him use you only for hanging out.

    Yes you deserve a closure from him.

  • Well if you had feelings for him let him know that and if he doesn;t like you back then move on


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  • You should hang out with him in order to ask him about his strange behaviour towards you.