What draws you to date someone who is introverted, quiet, shy, social misfit or all of the above in one person? How do you get them to date you?


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  • I'm shy myself, I'd advise you to take it nice and slow, get to know her and you will be well on your way.

    • Well I'm the shy one, and never dated or had a girlfriend so by my age there are very few fish in the pon, especially those who would accept someone with a lack of experience and lack of social life

    • Don't worry, honestly, you have no idea. If someone has an interest in you they don't care about that. I'd go for a shy guy. Seriously you're probably a lovely guy who will open up just enough to let them see that they like you. Ok maybe join a club like even take up a hobby. You can learn to overcome being quiet, I've done it, maybe not to extreme levels but I can talk one on one and in small groups. Don't worry about lack of experience, my cousin's in the same boat and has started talking to new people. But seriously think about all the people out there, there's obviously thousands more just like you. Don't give up hope my friend. The shy guys are the nicest and make the best relationships.

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  • When she is really nice and sweet, has a very good sense of humour, is smart and looks cute.