Girls, Do you quickly dismiss a man for being short?

For sake of argument... lets just say short is 5'8" or under?


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  • I think on paper, 5'8" or shorter, will get you dismissed or if not dismissed, will knock you down a notch or two in "potential to date". So with edating 5'8" or shorter is on the watchlist for negatives.

    If you meet in person and if you are taller than her or at least taller than her in heels, you will be fine and height won't be a consideration in your potential to date.

    If in person, you are shorter than her or close to the same height, this could have a negative impact. Or if you are edating and you are really short, this will have a negative impact.

    It is something that I know happens but I find it extremely unfair for the men. Of all things to judge someone by, women judge men on something they have absolutely no control over and it is unfair to do so. But it does not change the fact that it happens and I do not see it not happening in the future. :(

    How tall are you actually? Just want to know how dire your circumstances may be...

    • i'm 5'7" maybe close to 5'9" with my Cowboy boots hahaha
      I'm not really having trouble attracting women.. I catch them staring at me every day. I just notice how many women (even shorties!) will say "My man has to be 6ft tall!" so ridiculous

    • Oh yes, us shorties will say something like that. I still think about when I first started doing edating and I was telling one of my friends about a guy I was communicating with. She asked what height he was and I responded he was 6'4". She said, "Oh, good height." lol!

      It makes me laugh because I am 5'1" and my friend is 5 feet if that. lol!

      If any female gives you a hard time and if you have your cowboy boots on, just say sweetly, "Save a horse; ride a cowboy." :p!

      Ok, I admit only some women will probably enjoy that but I do think it will be the ones with a sense a humor and will get a kick out of it. :) It always makes me laugh. :)

      So silly but it really happened... lo!

    • haha yes!
      Females don't give me a hard time when I got my boots on! lol

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  • No, I don't. Just because a guy is short doesn't mean I'd dismiss having a conversation with him if that's what you're arguing about. If it's going out on a date it depends because I'm 5'8, so I would still say yes if he's a great guy and at my height.

    • so you would date a man of equal height?

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    • could be the best you ever had :)

    • That's very true :D

  • nope

  • I'm 5'6 soo no.
    If he is an inch maybe two, shorter than me, then it wouldn't be too bad.
    Anymore and I will automatically not see a future with him.
    Doesn't mean there can't be one. Just means he would have to be amazing and take a little more than someone taller. He would also have to have nice muscles. I don't mean that to be rude. It's just that being taller shows security, and if he is shorter then he needs some other way of showing that security.

    • I think women who say they don't like muscles are liars. But the best muscle of all is the Brain!

    • Agreed on both :)

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