Why is she blowing me off?

6 weeks ago I met this girl from tinder and we decided to have a drink. We hit it off really well and ended up hooking up. We were both busy with work and school so we could only hang out on weekends and some weekdays when she had off work too. We pretty much hung out every weekend and a few weekdays for the next 4 weeks or so. I asked her to go to a soccer game with me last Sunday and she was very interested. Suddenly the next day, she was like "hey sweetie, did you want to go to the game or were just taking me?" And I replied "both" and she replied the next day saying she had a lot going on with family and work and she'll let me know about the game. Suddenly she deleted her Instagram pics and her snapchat account so I figured it was serious lol. Game day came and I said it's cool if you're busy, another time, and she didn't reply. A few days later I texted her again because her bday was coming up a few days from then, but she said she was going to NYC with friends but that she missed me so much and wanted to see me the night before she left for NYC. The night before, I text her but no reply. So fast forward to the day after she got back and I texted asking how her bday was, no reply. I should say, usually she replies right away to texts, but now she is sketchy. Today I literally saw her driving next to me and I texted her again, saying look next to you lol. She replied later "who is this?" So I was like "wow really? It's Alex." She said "sorry, please don't text me anymore" to which I said "what? I think I deserve some kind of explanation" and she replied "please don't text me anymore, I'm with someone and it's serious, please respect my decision"

what happened? Was she seeing someone the whole time (how was she spending all her free time with me, and she told me she was just getting over her ex from last year) or did she just meet someone in the last 1.5 weeks when she started acting funny (but they got serious and she forgot me in 1.5 weeks?)


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  • There is a strong possibility that she had a boyfriend or husband and was out getting her kicks. She could have gotten back with an ex and she was on Tinder mending the blues? At this point, the fact that she texted back," who is this" and please don't text back, is a clear explanation of what is going on. It sucks, but we all go through that. Including us gals.

  • tinder is for no strings attached sex, no one is exclusive.
    Welcome to ghosting my friend.

    • Who said I was trying to marry her? I know what tinder is about, but I liked her so I didn't mind spending time with her. I didn't have any expectations other than just seeing where it goes. And If she found someone else she liked, why not just say that? It's not like Im her boyfriend. Why suddenly say "don't text me anymore" out of the blue? that's why I think she had a boyfriend all along. But then why make up stuff about getting over her ex? Nothing makes sense

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