Do we have a chance?

About a year ago I met my close friends cousin. He instantly told me he liked me and obviously I didn't believe him. As time went on we kissed and we pretty much fell in love, it was amazing. Then one day he thought I cheated but I didn't some other guy tried to kiss me and he didn't believe me at first and refused to talk to me.
Before we were even properly together I found out from my friend that he kissed another girl and he kept doing so but soon after he stopped.
We slowly began to talk to each other again only on social media though, about a month after talking he told me to f**k off. I was confused by this until I saw his Facebook. Turns out he had a girlfriend, the same girl who he used to kiss.
When we were together we really had something and spent a lot of time together, he made sure everyone knew he loved me it was amazing! So I thought I could message him on Facebook to see how he was. I said hey and he said he has a girlfriend and isn't interested in talking to other girls especially b*tches like me. The next day I found out it was his girlfriend she also blocked me.
Recently I've seen him and we spoke he was touching my back and neck, pretending to hit me. He kept looking at my cleavage and even pushed up behind me. It was just like old times.
He told me about this girl he's with ages ago and how he hates her and she's dirty and his whole family knows about her but he's recently got a secret tattoo of her initial and showed me too.
Does this mean me and him will never stand a chance? They've nearly broken up before but she begged him to stay. Will they last?
sorry this is so long!


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  • He sounds like a narcissistic player with some maturity issues. I'm not sure why you'd want to get with him. Go find someone who's more respectful.


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  • You may be too young to see this now, but he has no respect for his exes, or the current girl he calls his girlfriend. If you want a shot at this kid, and I honestly don't know why, you have to show some dignity for yourself and respect the relationship he has with that other girl now. Truth be told, if he liked you, he would have broken up with her ages ago to be with you. So in the meantime, back away. Date someone that is free to give you his time. In time you will see if you truly want this guy, or if you prefer something healthy of your own. Always remain dignified to earn respect.

    • Thank you so much! That was so helpful! I guess i just miss him he was my first real boyfriend

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