Why is he still keeping in contact if he doesn't want anything serious atm? Confused af?

Okay so I dated this guy for about a month. We meet on Instagram... talked for about 2 weeks before we went out on a date. Since that first date we talked in between and went on a further 7 dates and got on really well until I fucked things up. I told him I had feelings for him. He then said he really likes me and I tick all the boxes blah blah but said he doesn't want anything serious atm.

since then (this was about 4 weeks ago) we talk, he texts and so on. Also one night we were texting and he asked me if I'm seeing anyone and I said no. A few days later I was texting him while I would clubbing and he asked if I met any dudes and I said no so I asked him if he's dating and he said no and then said "I don't know if I should be dating, like me and u still talk so I'm confused" so I said... your free to do what you want then he replied to that with "haha right okay well I'm not". Then he texts me saying he misses my face and asking me if I miss him? I said to him I kinda miss him haha

anyway he wanted to take some time off because of the feelings I was getting but I also think he's afraid of falling for me.

im so confused?

I forgot to mention we did not have sex because of his religious reasons


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  • It sounds like he is playing a bit of a game and keeping his options open but at the same time, don't go bombarding him with conversations about feelings and stuff as 8 weeks seems a bit early for that and you don't want him feeling smothered. Just wait for him to ask about other guys again, which he no doubt will, then say that while you love hanging out with him and dating him, you don't see any harm in either of you dating other people too as you want a chilled out and fun relationship but you are also looking for someone who wants to be exclusive with you to see what may develop later in the future. Be really nice about it and leave him to think about what you have said. If he asks about other guys after that then just dodge the question and say you don't really want to discuss it but then ask how his day has been etc and change the subject... you need to be a high value woman who he has to work to be with. At the moment he's not exclusive with you but wants to make sure you are not with anyone else either. Good luck x

    • Thank you for your amazing advice !! X

  • he playing games , its like the same situation with me , like wanted physically first then we started talking more and more then i told him we need to figure what we are and if we are on the same page. then he told me on the phone call he misses me like wtf?
    but i gave it a week to make him think i am a busy women.
    give him some pace , talk in person not through phone its not a good way to communicate. plus did you have sex with him?

    • I'm actually overseas atm for a week so we aren't talking. No we didn't have actual sex, we fooled around a bit

    • What happened when u have him space?

    • well the best part is not giving sex
      well what happen , i don't want to be a clingy or needy girl so give him the time to text you or call you. plus if you says he with his buddy for example think about it " he wouldn't lag on responding to texts , but if you out with girls i would be more focus on the girls so i am more likley to forget to reply or not see my phone.
      if he really likes you he would text you , have you asked him whats your intentions with me?