I'm not sure if she's interested anymore... Should I just ask her or wait and see what happens?

I like this girl. We have been talking for about 3 months mostly through text. She works 2 jobs and goes to school full time. Our work schedules don't always work out. So it's been really hard to see each other. It started off great. She would start some convos and I would start some as well... It was 50/50... We flirted a lot and got to know each other. After the first 2 dates... It seemed like it was getting harder for me to see her. Every time I asked her to do something she either couldn't because of work or someother reason. However the talking on the phone or texting was going strong. She would say she missed me and she wished I was with her and sexual things that I don't want to say. She said from the beginning that she was a bad texter. This past Friday, I was supposed to meet her and her friends out at the bar for her birthday. She said she would let me know where she was. She never did.. It just so happened that my friends and I were at the same bar. I saw her across the bar talking to another guy. So I stupidly accused her of hitting on that guy and I walked away. She texted me minutes later explaining that the guy was her friend and they were just talking and that she didn't do anything. So I apologized and then asked where she was so I could come see her but she didn't answer. The next day she didn't answer. So I sent her a birthday message that Sunday and she answered by say "awwww that was so cute!! And super thoughtful! You're the best!!" But since that message... She may have answered me 3 or 4 times but for the most part she's ignoring my texts. Before that Friday, she would message me and snapchat me but now it's crickets. I really don't like waiting.. I would like to know if she's interested so I could just move on if she's not... Should I just aske her if she's interest or should I just not text her for a few days and see if she messages me?


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  • Acting jealous so soon may have already cost you this relationship. 3 months is hardly time to feel this way about anyone and she does have all those jobs and school. That is her priority. Start dating other gals that can give you their time.


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  • Thats a tough one to answer. From my experience, when that happens to me, It usually doesn't end well. But, a friend of mine was in this situation last month and he asked her straight up if she was interested. They are still together. It doesn't hurt to ask her. I would ask this in person though. Try to meet up for coffee or something quickly.