Playing, expressing honesty or leaving?

I am quite frustrated with girls now. During the last year I met 4 girls who liked me but started to play really hard to get. Ok, the first date canceled - I get it ok. But after that they continued playing. So I usually stopped texting etc. And after that all of them resumed their interest.
These girls are nice but I do not like that kind of behavior. When they contact me afterwards I can show them I can play or I can honestly express I do not like it or I can leave.
I want normal relationship in the end.
What si your advice?


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  • They want to keep you around as an emotional tampon.


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  • That's just how girls are. They want fun and excitement. Put playing hard to get is petty. When you talk to them make it exciting, say things that would get an instant response. Things that excite her, get her curious, make her laugh, things that she can't easily ignore. Second, be direct. Make a date before hand and have her join you. It will come together if you show that you're in control and you know what you're doing. But if you give TOO MUCH attention to her, you will bore her and she will lose interest

    • Thanks. I am not quite funny, I am not exciting. The only thing I have is natural dominance (inherited from my father who is kind of alpha male). I don't like to tease girls. Any opinion concerning my personality?

    • That's fine. Everyone's different and trying to act like someone you're not will always fail. Your focus is to make her feel special and make her feel good about herself. Every guy has their way of doing this so do it as natural as you can. But don't make it materialistic. Don't buy things for her, make her feel this way through your personality and actions. That natural dominance will come in handy because you will naturally lead her and she will be attracted to a guy that leads. Act like a male Lion. A male Lion is chill, and doesn't chase. Act like you're in control and you have everything you want already. She will come to you if you don't try to impress her, and offer her positive emotions whenever you talk

    • thanks a lot

  • If they're playing too hard to get, they are only half into you/looking for attention.

    Cut them off/move on