#POLL When a girl does this kind of behavior?

A woman who is like 10/10 physically nd she can get any guy she wants but she doesn't talk to any guy in the class and doesn't even say hi to any dude but has eyes only for one guy (lets say him A) and that guy hasn't even said hi to her in 2 months but she still doesn't talk to any other guy and still gives him signs -

- wearing same colour clothes which her crush wears like (black.)
- trying to find similarities like a guy took a pic of notes so she does it too.
-stealing glances at him and looking at him until he looks at her and then when she is sure that he looked at her and then she looks away.

When a woman does this: what is her level of attraction for this guy A?

  • She is in love with A - she thinks of him as 10/10.
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  • She has insane crush on A - she thinks of him as 9/10
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  • She has big crush on A - she thinks of him as 8/10
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  • She has a crush on A -she thinks of him as 7/10
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  • She is just curious of A -she thinks of him as 6/10
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What Girls Said 1

  • Nothing she is doing really screams "I want you". Also just because you see her as a 10 doesn't mean she sees herself that way. She might actually be really shy and would like someone to approach her, be it "A" or any one else in the class.

    • What else a woman does that screams "I want you" ?

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    • The only time we see each other is in class, that means in 24 hours, we see each other for like 2 hours , and that too around 300 people.
      What she is doing, that is enough. i doubt more could be done

    • She would linger leaving class, sit closer to him, or make an excuse to talk. She might have a crush or is just amused by looking at him.
      It sounds like "A" has a crush. He should enjoy it and maybe make an excuse to talk to her.

What Guys Said 1

  • She is just curious of A -she thinks of him as 6/10

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