Should I say happy bday to my crush? He's mad at me though?

So there's a guy I like and he knows I like him. I confronted him, why is he confusing me, giving mixed signals. And he acts interested. He's doesn't ask to hangout anymore or keep a conversation going. (He always messages me first.) he got mad at at me saying "I'm sorry? Were you looking for a relationship?" And I was like "what do you want from me?" and he never replied. He unfollowed and un friended me.. Should I still say happy bday?


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  • You should.. But keep it simple like
    "Happy Birthday"

    • Thank you , I will keep it simple

  • Sure why not, just be nice about it, maybe come around again. after two years a girl who was I guess mad at me started talking to me again?

    • Thank you I hope he comes around

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