Did he lose interest?

Ok so I've been talking to this great guy for 3 years online. Since we lived far apart we started dating other people and drifted apart. Those relationships didn't work out though. And last month we came back together. He lives and hour away now so 3 weeks ago we finally met for the first time. Our first date was amazing and he even introduced me to his friends and family after our date and that went really well. As soon as our first date was over he called me immediately and set up another date. He was so excited that he counted down the days, hours and minutes until we saw each other :)
ok so the weekend finally comes and he drives to my city, picks me up from work and we drive back to his city. We had dinner, spent the night together and ended up having sex. Now usually I wait until I'm in a relationship first before I do that but this just happened. It was amazing. The next day we spent the day together having fun at a water park and going to the movies and he let me meet his little boy. Now I started to kinda panic when I heard him talking on the phone to one of his best friends. He was like yeah I can't go out tonight I gotta take this girl home. On our first date he was calling me his girl... my girl. Then I panicked some more when he took me home and didn't call and set up another date :/ I asked him if he was my guy and said I guess not since I haven't asked you to be my girl. I also asked him when will we see each other and he said when our schedules line up... but he didn't ask me what my schedule was! He still continues to text me daily saying good morning and good night and texting me even though he's really busy. But I'm confused! Is he interested or not!


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  • Move on from him

  • Yes he did

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