Would you rather date a guy with a government job or a 5 star food job?

Just wondering on peoples outtake on men and their careers. It doesn't really matter to me but wondering how other women would want their man and their jobs.
Is a government job even good?
I was dating a guy that sold food and snacks for a 5 star show. He made about $17 an hour and works 6 hours a day. Sometimes he would sell gelato as well.
Another guy I talked to worked a government job as an Engineer. Not sure about pay rate.
Both work which is great, but who would you feel more... proud of I guess?

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  • I appreciate people who try to find jobs where they learn something valuable.. either to them or to society in general.

    So in this case, I'd go with the government engineer. No doubt he learns something every day.

    • No doubt about that. I like that. Someone that sees and learns something everyday.
      Actually, the 5 star service guy doesn't know what he wants to do in life. Seems like he will be stuck there for a long time. I would choose the other guy as well now that I think about it.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

    • Thanks for the MHO.. gorgeous

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  • honestly as long as he's happy with the job he has it wouldn't matter

    • even if he's not happy and doesn't know what he wants to do?
      He just does the job to just do it?

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    • Sad thing is that recommended that to him. You know what his future plan was? To go to his next rave. *face palm* good luck to him. lol. I tried really hard but I guess I wasn't "fun" enough.

    • No fault of your own, sometimes guys dont get thier shit together until they get a reality check

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    you can lie about politics but not about the food!

  • Government guy


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