Love interest is also interested?

We both work at a mall.

I asked her out and she said "not sure when because I work at a daycare when I am not working here at this mall."

So I left her alone for a week. She then sends her co-worker to come talk to me. Her co-worker/friend then says "Jasmine will be working on Sunday. Are you also working on that day?" I said "No, only from Tuesdays through Saturdays. She then "You guys will see each other on Thursdays. I want you for Jasmine! Keep trying!"

I told the co-worker/friend that it seems like the girl wants me to leave her alone. Her reply: "NO!!! NOT TRUE!!!"

The co-worker/friend has since continued to bring up the girl from time to time and mentioned her schedule.

A few weeks later, she quit her daycare job to take up a second job at the same mall. I asked her what happened and she responds enthusiastically and says "I MOVED!" with a huge smile on her face.

I started talking to her again since then.

Does it also mean if my love interest is also interested but the interest is not "solid"? What do you guys think?


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  • She sounds interested at least. Keep talking with her, maybe you can grab a drink or dinner after work someday. Checking out the food court together might be a easy/casual date.

    • But in general, when people say a love interest is also interested but the interest is not "solid"?, what is meant by that?

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  • Its solid bro

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