Should I give up on him? Is it even worth it anymore?

So, there's this guy that I've been into. I ended up bumping into him at the bookstore on the first day, and ended up gathering up the courage (I'm pretty shy, I'll admit) to go say hi and in the end we had hung out and spent almost 5 hours just talking and walking around campus even though our classes were over. This continued on the next day, and the next week we started hanging out regularly and he even started to bring up the idea of hanging out on Sundays (which ironically, we're doing this week but I'll get into the complications in a minute) and seemed interested over text. Up until the end of the day yesterday, I was pretty confident he felt the same way about me.

Needless to say, going into this week I was pretty comfortable that things were going well and he even walked to the area where I hang out with my friends after his class starts "coincidentally", and then ended up hanging out with us. Here's the kicker, though:

One of my friends is really playful, and tends to be flirty by nature. They didn't click for the first few hours and things between me and him were still in the same place and her friends even thought something was going on between us. After a while though, the two of them began to banter and it became clear to an extent that he was flirting with her while I was sitting next him. She didn't realize she was flirting back, but once she did she shut it down pretty quickly. After she left we talked for an hour and agreed to meet on Sunday (which is about 30 minutes out of the way for him), but I'm left confused: Is this worth it anymore, or is he fucking around? Or, did he lose interest in me after meeting her? And more importantly, should I bring it up? Part of me wants to fess up that I like him and bring up what happened if he flirts with her on Monday, but another part of me is unsure since we're not exactly dating.


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  • I definitely know where your coming from. I have a friend who is naturally flirty as well but she can't help it. Has a lot of guy friends who flirt with her and she has no idea why.
    Honestly if your friend shut down the flirting and providing she doesn't like him back Id say you still have a chance. Just tell your flirty friend that you like him and maybe she can help youse two move along? Try and not get jealous because thats always a bad when a guy is looking for a girlfriend

  • Is he on the same page as you? You have a romantic interest on him, but he may be under the impression that he made a campus friend. Also, he is not taken so if he makes a connection with someone else, that's his deal. So, I'm just going to assume that this is a one sided thing and he is not even aware that you fancy him.

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