Boyfriend sudden spike in sex drive?


My boyfriends sex drive has gone through the roof lately. Over the last two months, twice now he has said he is "confused" about our 3 year relationship to the point where we almost broke up. One day he loves me and can't imagine life without me, the next he doesn't know. I believe he had himself psyched out because some of my friends are getting engaged/married and I think he thought I wanted that right now too. I reassured him I'm not ready either, however that is the next step for us (in the foreseeable future). Since then, he has been super loving and cuddly. From a guys POV, what's going on with him?


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  • Not sure. We all go through bouts of super horny and sometimes not wanting it. Maybe he feels relieved that you can take things slower and not have to keep moving up to the next level.


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  • He sounds like he's terrified of commitment, and I think with the excessive sex, he's trying to show that he's not ready to settle down. He just wants fun. :(

    • Or he could just be super horny lol

    • I doubt that is the case, we've been seriously dating for 3 years and living together almost a year!

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