Why doesn't my new girlfriend make me feel the way my ex did or come close to it?

Let me just say this now and here i have accpeted my broke up with my ex. I just wanna known why my new girlfriend doesn't make me feel the way my ex did? With my ex girlfriend i known this sounds like bs every kiss made my skin feel like it was on fire.. it would drive me crazy when ever we had a fight i pretty much felt everything they people say you shoild feel when your in love and more. please dont get me wrong i love my new girlfriend she the only one in the lomg time to make me feel anything what so ever she understands me way way more then my ex did we get along pretty wll.. but the emotion feels i get with her doesn't come close to my ex why? I did see my ex from time to time since we live in the same time which fucks up my day and she makes me very disappointed. So hoping the new girlfriend doesn't disppointed like my ex did. If this information help both girls that i like i was friends with them before dating.


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  • I have known guys that have gone 10, 15 years dating and in relationships realizing that no girl came close to their first passionate love. It has been a very sad road for them and a lonely one. In time you may understand what physical feelings were great but this new girl can offer you way more than what your ex did which may make up for the toe curling. Attach a negative thought each time you think about your ex and attach a really good positive when thinking about your new one.

    • If am being honest i rarely think of my ex unless am in town but with am out of my hometown i never think of my ex at all and when i think of my ex its not feels of what i miss about her or feeling of wanting her back. When i think about my ex its mostly feelings of disappointment asking myself if everything she said to me eas true but mostly missing speaking to her we were close friends before dating. So i see it just something that happens? their is no way to explan the paasonate feelings i had with my ex that i dont have with the new gf? Dont worry i would never trade my current girlfriend gina for my ex becuase she 100% better then my ex and id be dumb to leave her for someone that couldnt even stand up to her parents.

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    • can't lose hope on that then. Sometimes it takes time to develop wisedom and maturity. One day you may cross paths and she will be a different woman. This is why I don't like feeling bitter. This world is all about instant gratification and I have experienced enough to know that timing is very important and great things happen when you wait. For a pessimist, I'm a very positive person lol.

    • I can't lie i was very bitter when we broke up and i still may be i don't known my own self at times. my ex girlfriend parents i belive are the reason she so immuture jer mom died so may she will muture a bit. but i dont belive ill ever have a 2rd chance with her let alone be friends i do see her every now and then but she never sees me. O good news my girlfriend argeed to giving me 1 kid

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