What kind of guy could you see this girl in the pic dating?

*This is not me. And I'm doing this as an experiment for one of my classes.

I'm talking like maybe how he would dress, his possible personality etc.

Be specific as possible! Thanks

*O and if you have time maybe you can give some of your own perception about the girl in the pic. Can anyone guess her age?



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  • She looks 15

    Looks like she'd date a fellow emo


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  • He'd definitely have some tribal tattoos on his perfectly tanned biceps.

    With a decent amount of hair gel to go with that.

  • I think she would date a douche like most other girls. I'm imagining a guy in an affliction t-shirt right now. How specific do you want this?

    I think the girl is pretty and I guess she would be in her late teens maybe. Beyond that, I don't have many perceptions of her.


What Girls Said 1

  • Okay she would probably date a lean athletic toned white boy aged 17-21.

    probably goes to the gym 3-5 times a week

    wears abercrombie and fitch

    listens to punk, emo, modern rock and rap music

    he may be a frat boy or goes to parties and consumes a lot of alcohol

    perhaps slightly materialistic and judgemental, he would prob drive a nice car and parents give him money

    he probably would be somewhat of a flirt and doesn't treat her that great but not abusive either

    the girl looks maybe late high school or freshman in college

    possible eating disorder

    she is probably a sweet person but really insecure

    she keeps up with popular trends

    quiet and shy but has a group of friends that is slightly more outgoing than her

    not slutty, kind of a good girl

    makes decent grades in school