How do you know when a guy is over you?

i use to date a guy for about 7months on and off, and I really liked him, and he begged me to go back out with him the last time, then bam 2weeks after we had gotten back together he broke up with me for no reason, and he doesn't talk to me anymore, and when I say hi to him he says hi back then logs offline, I am confused I mean I don't know what happened with us. can anyone help, because I am still madly in love with him


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  • Sounds like you were his rebound, go-between, booty call or whatever else you want to call it. Basically, when he was lonely/bored/horny he called you. Now he's found someone or something else to occupy his time so he's done with you again.

    • I party agree with you, but we broke up 2 prier to the last one (which is the one now) and both of the times we did was me breaking up with him, the first time was because he called me a whore, the second time was when he was just being an ass to me. sooo idk....

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