Should I text him?

So, he hooked up a few months ago and we decided to stay friends. Then he left the town and we didn't really spoke much, a few texts why did he left and what are we doing and stuff. The last time we spoke was last month and I miss him badly. He did a few jerky things, but deep down he's not a bad person at all. I couldn't move on from him, I've been in love with him for almost 3 years and the feeling never stopped. I feel good when I am in good terms with him. I don't know how much I mean to him, but I was the one who ended it. The only thing that keeps me from texting him is that maybe he's with another girl or I will appear foolish. What should I do? Please, help.


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  • Forget him you were nothing but a fuck to him


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  • It could be Fate that may Make him one day A... Mate. One never knows, only Mother Nature and the Good Lord Above really Knows if it is Love and what is Meant to be.
    Your own Heart will never Settle for Anything until you Press this Button. Go ahead and Send a"Hi" text and See where the Chips may fall Now Somehow.
    He may Still be in the Cards that you Have been Dealing and Dealing with for 'Almost 3 years.'
    Good luck. xx
    Good luck and Take it from There. xx