Guys, Have you had multiple girls like you at once? How did you decide which one you would date?

Seriously, have any other guys had this issue? I have 3 girls that like me and if I asked any of them to be my girlfriend I would get a yes. 1 of them is one of the hottest girls I know and fits most of my criteria as well as being pretty cool, another one is decent looking enough and the sweetest girl I've ever met, I like hanging out with her just because of how nice she is, and the third one is better looking than the second girl (not nearly as much as the first) and really funny.

I just struggle so much deciding. They are all great girls, they all have flaws, obviously, but they are all awesome. I just dont know what to do. Does anyone else have this problem? I dont know how to choose with such great girls. How do you guys normally deal with this situation?


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  • 1st.. lust wears off... the 2nd will most likely be there when your relationship fails with the first and the 3rd she will find someone if u dont scoop her up, happiness and positivity is more rare then beauty... would u rather die by a woman who used to be hot or one thats bringing soup when your sick.. or one thats gonna make your last day the best... id choose #3


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  • I've been in situations where you've got a group of girls who are best friends and they all like you, generally I've always assumed that maybe 1 or 2 genuinely like me and the others are just liking me to compete with their friends, it's hard to say... But it's definitely hard because you don't want to get in between their friendship, but anyway... They can't all be exactly equal, there's got to be one you've had a stronger connection with or have talked with more. Just ask the one you're closest to out and take it from there.


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  • Okay... Ask yourself who out of the three makes you feel really at ease with yourself? In other words who really accepts you with all your pros and cons no matter what and makes you feel like you can really be yourself without judging and will always support you...


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  • I had the same shit happen to me back in high school but it didn't turn out good. I ended up with nothing.. And 2 of them were fine, i still think about it.
    All i can say is choose fast

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