Insecure about relationship please help?

My boyfriend and I usually get along great.
We have been dating for 6 months. So not that long. Both out of school and I moved to Thailand with him for teaching.
He has an issue when it comes to communicating and respecting me and our relationship.
Im really honestly pissed off because I saw the other day when he was showing me something on his phone that he has TINDER.
Also, tonight, he was going on a jog... left at 9PM, at 11PM I sent a message to make sure he is okay since it was 2 hours and late at night.
Nothing. And hour goes by so I call him, and he's AT A BAR. Wouldn't the normal thing be for a boyfriend to let his girlfriend who is waiting for him know that he going to a bar so to ask to have me come?

I don't really get mad ever, but right now I am so infuriated and its just a pattern I keep seeing.


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  • Well if he never lived with someone before he might not know what to do. There is a big difference between dating and living together.


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  • You should sit down with him and have a calm conversation about everything you mentioned here and explain what is upsetting you and why. This gives him a chance to explain because it could be anything really from miscommunication to his phone died or something else, you don't know so don't accuse him when you see him but do definitely have that talk with him so he is now aware, and if the behaviors and gut feelings continue then I'd say that's a red flag something else is going on.


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  • ya, he sounds like a cheater. dump him.

  • listen maybe he wants some me time

    • Its just he goes out with all of the female teachers... but me... his girlfriend. It doesn't make sense.

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    • he has used it since we have been dating. The whole time. Even here in Thailand.

    • to meet other women for sex :( ?

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  • No wonder your insecure. You gave up a lot to make him happy and he's thrown it at you.
    for a start tinder - dating app. You need to ask him about that.
    secondly yes you do tell them, especially if they're waiting/live with you