Overreacted and dropped the ball big time or did the right thing?

So I met this girl in my department a week or so ago. We clicked really well and quickly became friends. Now, I realized on day 1 that I want to be more than friends. In order not to fall into the dreaded friendzone (which I am a master of doing), I asked her out after knowing her for a little more than a week. Prior to that we would talk and have lunch together, walk home together at night. I felt that we got comfortable enough with each for me to ask her out. Anyway, she agreed.

One hour prior to the date, she texts me saying that got fed up of studying and is now chilling with her BFF at a bar and that I should come and join them. I am like "WTF? We are supposed to a dinner date." I text her " I thought we had dinner plans but I guess you decided to hang out with your BFF instead. Enjoy your night. Shortly after I left for my friend's party.
I was so annoyed with her. Clearly I could have asked if the date still was on, but asking that felt like begging her to go on a date and would have felt inferior to her.
She texted me back saying that she thought we had dinner plans and that her friend was leaving with other friends and that she was waiting for me to come and pick her up at that bar.
I felt shitty at that moment.
In my opinion, if you have a date scheduled, you should not party with your friends and force your date to come to pick you up at a bar. I think she did not take it as seriously as I did even though she knew it was a date.
My pride got in the way and I decided not to go there as I felt downplayed and not a priority to her.

Disclaimer: she is fairly hot and is used to a lot of male attention. She told me her previous boyfriend was 8 years older than her and very rich. She also told that she expects a lot from men (confidence, money, paying the bills, buying clothes etc.).
Right now I regret my decision but at that moment it felt like the right thing to do.
Did I do the right thing or I just overreacted and acted like a spoiled brat?


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  • Well at least she remembered

    • That does not answer my question.

    • Well you could of toned it down but she was in the wrong aswell

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  • You did the right thing.

  • naw you acted properly. she wasn't polite about it (ie apologizing for changing the plans, etc...) and sounds entitled and selfish.

    you dodged a bullet. this is a girl you fuck, not take seriously.

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