In need of some advice? (Might sound dumb as well but so here's a cringe alert)?

So there's this hot and I mean very hot girl that I asked to the prom a year early (over living in Ireland and the fact money is kinda tight over here) so all said is good she said she wants to go. But I noticed she seems fairly bored at times through her statuses on Facebook Instagram etc. The thing is I want to ask her out but I'm kinda scared that I may come off as too needy.(over asking just last Thursday about prom). But at the same time I don't have a lot of friends so I'm kinda bored as well and at the same time I'm trying to branch out which would seem bizarre if you knew me irl. I also want to point out that I've come out of a rough patch and that any advice that you can give me will be really appreciated.


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  • Not a bad cringy question at all. Just contact her to have a conversation. Work it around to things going on around town that you are interested in, carefully curated to her taste. If she seems interested, say "you are welcome to join me if you would like to."

  • You can ask her out before prom bro.. All you gotta do is be confident just send her a message.. "Hey, i'm kinda bored. Wanna hangout?"
    Just keep it simple and make it sound casual

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