Pregnant by much older man, what shoukd I do?

I crossed paths with an acquaintance from my past. (I never dated or slept with him prior, but we had a crush on each other and still do). Im 33 year old single mother, of a teenager from a previous relationship. He's 55, recently divorced with a child in college. After much thought, I gave him my phone numbers and we reconnected. I initially was looking for a casual relationship, because of the age difference and life experience, he probably wouldn't want to get married again or have anymore children. But I eventually I want to get married and have another child, but not right now. 2 months after keeping in contact by phone, we met up for our first date and our feelings became very strong and intense for one another, ever since. 4 months into getting to know eachother, we went out on a date to a resturant, got tipsy and had unprotected sex.

I just found out Im pregnant and Im having mixed feelings about the pregnancy. Apart of me wants to keep the baby. But apart of me, is enjoying the freedom of not having to take care of young children right now, as I've been a parent all my adult life, since the age of 18. If I decide NOT to keep it, I may not even tell him I was pregnant. And even if I wanted to keep it, the age difference concerns me. I also suspect he has unfinished business with another woman he has a new baby by (not his ex-wife). I think he's trying to keep things cool with his child's mother, so she won't file for child support against him, because he already has to pays his ex-wife alimony for the next 2 years...

This situation I've gotten myself in, is a hot ass mess! I take responsibility for the part I played in this situation. Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice?


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  • keep the kid.
    collect child support from that guy.


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  • Damn 55. Girl, I cringed.
    i dont see why you can't keep the kid. You are an adult and know what unsafe sex leads to. You took that chance, your not a victim. How I see it your a grown woman who has been given the miracle of another child. You can keep the baby or give the child up for adoption. Either way, you should tell him your pregnant. Its unfair someone doesn't know about their kid. And no offense you using the drama with his family as an excuse to own to your repsonsibility. His drama didn't keep you from having sex with him.

  • Having a baby is exciting! You may not have been able to enjoy it at 18, but you're a young mother. Have fun with it! You will never ever regret having the baby, I may not be able to say the same though if you choose to abort it. Also, if mothering isn't cut out for you right now, adoption is a wonderful option. You would be giving your unborn child such a beautiful gift. Life. You would have your baby. Pass it on to a couple in need and life would go on, with no one losing anything. Good luck!

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