Why can't I become anything more than acquaintances with girls? What could I be doing wrong?

I can't become friends let alone dates. They just seem to run the other way or get distant after they get to know me a bit.


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  • Depends, how is your approach? I like guys that I can relate to and feel comfortable around. Are you saying something that makes them become distant?

    • No. I think I make them feel comfortable.

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  • Become aesthetic or useful to them. Women will want to get to know you if your good looking or they can use you in some capacity such as if your good at a subject their struggling in, or you have some connection in party scene.

    • I'd rather not be used.

    • Well the thing is women treat men likes apps on their phone. The more useful you are to them the more they want to get to know u.

    • really? How narcissistic.