Should I try and talk to him or just stop contacting him?

A guy friend and I started dating/hooking up about two months ago. Most of the time I iniated the hangouts and we saw each other about once or twice a week but not always date-like activities sometimes he would just come over and we would talk. And we didn't hook up every time we saw each other either. All my friends that saw us together said they thought he really liked me. Then I texted him one day and said that I liked him and that I'd like to talk about things between us at some point in the future since we are friends and things were getting complicated. He responded and said he wasn't ready for anything serious and didn't want to hurt me. I told him I wasn't ready for anything serious either and asked to talk to him about it in person and then he said ok. But then the night we were going to he just bailed and said he didn't know what else to say. What happened? Did I scare him off? Or was he never interested?


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  • Yea it wouldn't hurt to talk, everything starts with communication you know.

    • What should I say?

    • Just make small talk about your interests and ask if he wants to hang out or go see a movie or any activity, meet for coffee, or talk about others interests like music, or games, etc.

    • Or your favorite movies or if you both like sports that's something to talk about as well, talk about your goals in life or what your aspirations are or talk about each other's dreams etc.

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  • maybe give it one last try.


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