Last night my best college friend kissed me... now he is acting like nothing ever happened. How should I react?

Dear girls and guys,

last night my best male friend from college invited me to a frat party. It was all fun and stuff, but we got into more serious topics like friend zone, dating, sexuality. To cut it short, we had crazy amounts of chemistry and he kissed me. He also accompanied me back to my dorm, but didn't come in or anything. We just shared a few kisses.

Now it is all so awkward. We texted a bit.. like small talk. Small talk. After we kissed. The thing is.. I believed that guy had put me deep into the friend zone and didn't even recognise me as a "real girl". Anyways now he acts as if nothing happened, he didn't even try to hold the conversation via text.

I really like him and after this night I feel like I am into him. But I don't know what he thinks.. why does he kiss me at that party, but then plays cold? He wasn't that drunk either. I am so scared that things will get even more awkward when see each other in class.

What I basically want is him asking me out on a date or something. Or at least initiate a conversation about what happened and how we are supposed to keep it going. I don't want to end as a chick he kissed at a party, because I really like him as a person..

Do you have any advise? I am so confused.



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  • Sounds like he's trying to play it cool after what happened. He doesn't know how you feel about it all so he just carries on living his life. Did you give him any hints that you enjoyed your time together?

    • More or less. I mean we made out and I liked it. And I hinted that this doesn't have to be a one-time-thing.

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  • Well I think you have to be straight with each other. If he wasn't even drunk then clearly he has something towards you. I think he may be acting cold now because he thought perhaps it was a mistake and he doesn't want to lose you and doesn't want to come across as being the only one who likes the other.
    Just ask him why he kissed you and/or tell him about your feelings towards him.
    Its already awkward now so why not just do it anyway. I was in a similar situation with a guy friend of mine, we ended up kissing (but we were drunk) and then after that we didn't speak for several months, and turns out he liked me all along but I was the one who asked him about it. If you wanna know then just ask. And well hope for the best :)

    • I really want to have this talk with him, but it would be way too awkward via text, right? I mean in order to get good and sincere answers i need to see him. I am too scared to just ask him to meet up with me to be honest.. What if he is not interested in me after all?

      I hope you and that guy friend are still talking ! :) It sounds super sweet.

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    • Maybe I should take life by the ovaries and just ask him to hang out. I can make it sound casual. If he says no or somehow turns me down, I'll know what's up as well :D Wow.. that sounded positive :D

    • Something very similar happened to me and I made the mistake of waiting for him to talk to me. I finally did it 6 months later and it was king of late, he had started dating someone else. But the reason why he never came to me was because he wasn't sure how I felt and didn't want to create awkwardness between us.

      But having that talk was a huge relieve and it was incredibly comfortable, because after all we are really good friends, so it wasn't even half as awkward as I thought it could be. Today, we are still great friends, and kind of openly flirting again (He ended things with the girl he was seeing a while ago).

      So I would say, if you haven't yet, just go for it and talk things out with him, you never know what that conversation can bring to you ;)