Heart Ache, Feeling Alone?

I just wish I had a girl to cuddle with, kiss, hold in my arms, and just hold her tight.. Rest my head on her shoulder... to touch and feel her skin...

But I don't, I never have and I'm not sure if I will in the future... despite my best efforts of dating nothing has happened...

I'm not sure, I really want to hold a girl right now :(


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  • I'm sorry that you feel this way. Things will get better. I wish my boyfriend wanted to kiss me more. Im sure you'll find that special girl one day.

    • That kills me 😔

      I wish your boyfriend would kiss you more...

      The one girl I liked rejected me, and it seems like the girls who want to be cuddled don't want me... :( sigh... I'm starting to think I need to accept that I'll be alone? I don't even know what's wrong with me... I don't think I'm that bad of a guy, I don't know.

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  • Understandable.

    What are you doing to find that girl?

    • Drinking, being sad, binge eating...

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    • Thanks for mho.

      If anyone has to be perfect to attract a mate, we're all in big trouble.

      When you say there's a lot wrong with you, could you be specific? What do you think is wrong with you that you could improve on?

    • I don't know whats wrong with me?

      Low confidence? No experience? Virgin? Boring? Introvert?

      I just feel like something is wrong with me, otherwise I would have someone...

      I see losers getting friends with benefits or hooking up... So I mean, I must have something wrong with me... I don't think I'm bad looking...

      I don't know...

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  • I feel for you hun!! I'm sure things will turn for the better!! I would suggest you call Crow havens corner (in Salem) for advice. Call store directly though and pay that way, dont go through pay pal or its by the minute, I learned the fucked up way, so I did both, lolol! They are real good! Or there are incantations you can do yourself, just make sure you only do white light incantations or it will come back on you in three folds! Praying is very important as well!! I wish you well hun! I know heartbreak/heartache is a ma' though. Its crazy how our emotional state of being effects our physical state of being. Message me w results if ya want.

  • the winter time is coming, I'm sure you will find somebody to cuddle with. stay strong!

    • Why because of the winter time? Nobody has cuddled me the past 20 or so Winters...

    • oh stop, it's more sure there's someone outhouse there that would love to cuddle with you... I say winter cause it's normally when people want to snuggle up stay warm with each other... it's something about that season that is so cozy and romantic... well to me that is.

    • Yeah, Winter is really cozy and romantic. I dream of cuddling up and drinking hot chocolate by the fire with my girlfriend in a blanket...

      I guess there are girls who do want to cuddle, but I just can't click or find anyone :(

What Guys Said 2

  • amen brother... at least you have hope

  • me too man, me too. im so lonely.

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