I Have a Crush but He Talks About his Ex? Should I Pursue My Interest?

I just started college and there is this guy I'm very interested in. We've been talking and have hung out a few times, and we both enjoy photography so we take pictures along with another guy and he's invited me to his dorm to play xbox.

I was really thinking that he likes me, but recently he was talking about his ex-gf and how she's constantly texting him and acting crazy. He explained they broke up bc she didn't want to do long distance and they still had the same feelings but now he's not really into her because of her behavior.

We went to the beach last night taking pics with his friend, and when we came back, they stopped by a dorm with 2 girls in there that I didn't know. I felt awkward so I left because they all knew each other, they are in the same class. If he liked me wouldn't he have tried to include me?

He is still texting his ex though, so I am confused. He's really nice and has invited me to do other stuff, although it is always with other people.


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  • I personally think that maybe you are in the friend zone with him because it seems like to me if he really liked you he would won't alone time with you and he would ask you out without other people being involved ask him how he feels about you and what are his plans with his ex

  • He sounds totally hung up on his ex.
    Move on.

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