Should I just give up on Tinder already?

I been using this shit for almost a year now, I've matched with women from left to right yet I haven't meet up or fucked one of them. I swear to God all the women in that fucking app are a joke!

whenever I match with one they either...

- Ignore me

- Give me one word responses

- Start talking for a few days then leave me hanging later on

- Make up excuses every time we come to a meet up agreement

- Give me the feeling that they want attachment

either way I dont see any success or benefits in actually meeting one of them or actually even fucking one. I mean obviously it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that no woman out there fucks for free, I'm pretty sure she is gonna expect me to take her out for a drink or something before she opens up her legs to me. either that or she's gonna open up her legs for me first then expect some sort of attachment later.

so coming to the conclusion I think women are the biggest joke in life. now I know why Elliot Rodgers possessed the mentality he had, not saying that what he did was right but I kinda feel like I could relate to where his frustration was coming from. anyways should I just give up on Tinder and look for prostitutes instead? because I swear that my sex drive is my worst enemy right now


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  • Maybe you're just not one-night-stand material to them. Anyway, I can't really take you seriously since you sympathize with a mass shooter.

    • dude I'm pretty sure mass shooters are humans too and just because I sympathize with one does not mean I support him in his action.

      but yea you may be right I may not be " one-night-stand material" since obviously I'm not a sucker who is willing to spend my gas or money on them taking them out and putting up with any of their bullshit

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  • Stop using that crap and move to the city preferably maybe Chicago, San Diego or Miami, even New York if you can afford it or Houston or Dallas you'll be rolling in poon mane, I used to live in a rural area and got no pussy, after I moved I have too much of it, you feel me.

    • true, I do live in one of the most boring states in the US, people here are so choleric and shallow and would do anything to play that "I'm too conservative role." its no wonder why my state has a high suicide rate and I think I remember the capital city of my state was once considered one out of the top five most unfriendliest cities in the world

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    • Rhode Island

    • Oh damn lol, yea man move to someplace that's more urban/ city.

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  • Almost every guy swipes right on almost every girl. Girls can be picky as usual, and can chat up multiple guys at once while you're busy trying to differentiate yourself on a cheap platform where your muscles and career are all that differentiates you from hundreds of other disembodied "people".

    The market is stacked. It's smart to stay away from competition and sell yourself elsewhere.

    As soon as I learn that a girl uses Tinder, she's ruled out. It means she's on the drug and juggling multiple men.

    • true I guess you just validated my point at...

      "Give me the feeling that they want attachment"

      is like women have that gold digger/prostitute encrypted in their dna.