Was his Snap Story Directed at me?

I was seeing this guy for about a month (dating), then I asked him if he wants anything serious... he got a bit scared so I gave him some time and we haven't seen each other is about a month. We've been texting in between but I just thought some space for him to sort his shit would be a good idea.

Anyway, he uploaded a snap with him singing this song "You've got me feeling some type of way", while smiling then the caption was "Vibes"

Anyway, I may be looking too much into this but he hardly snaps things like this so I'm just curious


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  • Was it to you and his stories or just to you? It's really hard to tell some people send snaps to people individually and to their stories or just random people individually

    • It was just to his story. The thing i'm interested in is because I took a good selfie last night and he was messaging me how great I looked blah blah... also he said he was vibing to that song about feeling so? haha

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    • I mean he hasn't told people about us yet so he wouldn't say my name if it was in his story because we aren't official... but I guess I am looking to much into it. What does it mean when someone vibes to a specific song?

    • They are just feeling it in the moment. You could always jokingly make a comment on the song he sang and see if he says anything about it.